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Change, Inc., a division of Penn-Mar Human Services
supports people with disabilities on their own unique journey to achieve their personal best.

Change and Penn-Mar Human Services: Family and Caregiver Town Hall Q&A

Introductory Information:

Who is Penn-Mar?

Penn-Mar Human Services supports more than 400 adults with intellectual disabilities through its residential, respite, educational, day learning center and community-based programs, plus customized employment support in northern Baltimore, Carroll and Harford Counties in Maryland and southern York County in Pennsylvania.

Who is Greg Miller?

Greg Miller is the President and CEO of Penn-Mar. After the merger occurs on July 1, 2019, Greg will be the C.E.O. of Penn-Mar/Change. Greg has lived in Westminster for most of his life. He graduated from The McDaniel College/Target Community & Educational Services, Inc. Master’s Degree Program with a degree in Human Services Management.

Why are Change and Penn-Mar Better Together?

The values and missions of Change and Penn-Mar are the same; Change Inc.’s mission of Believe in Life Unlimited and Penn-Mar’s mission of Transform Life Into Living hold the same meaning. Both organizations believe in providing community-based opportunities to individuals with disabilities and providing them with the support they need to be as independent as possible.

As a larger organization, Penn-Mar brings resources to Change that Change does not have; however, this merger is not about money or profit. Neither organization needs this merger to happen financially. This merger is occurring to further enhance the supports we provide to the people we serve.

Penn-Mar’s DSP credentialing program is very prestigious. Penn-Mar believes that DSPs should not have to seek a promotion to a different position to advance themselves professionally.

Both Penn-Mar and Change have many talented team members that will now have the opportunity to collaborate.

What changes can be expected once Change and Penn-Mar merge?

Change will continue to maintain a strong presence in Carroll County—this will not go away!

Mike Shriver will transition into the Executive Director for Change, Inc. a division of Penn-Mar for a period of up to 12 months.

There is a possibility that the name of both organizations will change in the future.

Family Questions and Discussion:

How many people does Penn-Mar serve in PA vs. MD?

It is about 50/50. Penn-Mar strives to be the quality providers in their geographical area.

Will Change Inc.’s name change?

Neither Penn-Mar nor Change’s administration is “in love” with the organizations’ names. Change will retain its name for now but do no be surprised if this changes in the future.

What is the difference between Penn-Mar in MD and Penn-Mar in PA?

They are two organizations governed as one. Supports are done a little differently in PA than they are in MD due to laws and regulations, but each are still based on the needs of the people served.

Where does Penn-Mar provide services?

York County, PA and Baltimore County, MD. There are people served by Penn-Mar from Howard County, but are not served in Howard County. There are also a couple of people who live in Penn-Mar-owned group homes located in Carroll County.

Penn-Mar is not ruling our expanding into other areas but has no plan to do so at this time.

What can families expect?

More credentialing for DSPs, more available resources to bring to Carroll County, residential programs available to people served by Change, more career opportunities for staff, and the Penn-Mar Foundation being open to those supported by Change.

Where is Penn-Mar’s main headquarters?

The main Maryland center is located in Freeland, MD. There is currently a campus in Glen Rock that is in the process of closing. The building in Glen Rock will be sold, and the campus located in Shrewsbury will become the main Pennsylvania location.

What opportunities are available to families who are interested in residential services?

There will be possibilities of more homes with this merger. Penn-Mar wants to expand to meet the needs of the geographic area.

How many people does Penn-Mar serve in comparison to Change?

Change serves about 160 people, Penn-Mar serves over 400.

What impact does the merger have on the grant Change received to work with architects to transform the space at Stoner Ave.?

Change has met with the architects recently. The architects will visit Penn-Mar’s new facility. The findings will be presented to Change’s board in May.

Does Penn-Mar handle transportation the same way Change does?

No. Penn-Mar does not go out and pick up everyone and bring them to a facility. They pick up the people they serve and take them out in the community to start their day. It can also be noted that Penn-Mar does not utilize an external transportation company the way change utilizes Carroll Transit System (CTS).

*If you have additional questions, please email Mike Shriver at and include the word "transition" in your subject line!

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