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Change, Inc., a division of Penn-Mar Human Services, partners with and supports individuals with disabilities
to achieve community integration
and independence through personal choices.

Change, Inc. provides a wide array of services tailored to meet everyone’s needs and interests.

Day Services

Our Day Services operate Monday – Friday, 9am – 3pm. Training and personal care is provided per everyone’s specific needs.  Activities are carefully planned and focus on increasing levels of independence. Our Day Services offers stimulating activities that are geared to each participant such as community volunteering, art and music, sensory stimulation, aquatics, equine therapy, social enrichment, and activities of daily living.

Personal Supports

Support Services are provided in your home or in the community, and are crafted to provide flexible, creative, and safe solutions that meet each person’s needs and aspirations. Support services focuses on increasing and maintaining independence.  We assist people with participating in recreational, social, educational, and/or spiritual activities as well as provide supervision, training, and support.


We have a full-time nurse on staff. The nurse will oversee any medical care you receive.

Community Learning

Community Learning Services are typically provided in small groups in the community. Activities focus on developing the skills necessary to cultivate community connections, promote personal growth, and meet educational and volunteer goals.

Customized Employment

Customized employment services are intensive, short-term services intended to help you discover your career path and obtain independent employment. These services typically last 8-10 weeks working 1:1 with a specially trained employment specialist.


We have a beautiful 3-bedroom home in the Westminster community where you can stay for a few hours to a few days. Our trained staff can provide for all your needs, including opportunities of leisure. While you’re enjoying our Inn, your family or caregiver also have a break from the rigors of caregiving.


Aquatics services feature a warm water therapy pool and a 100-degree jetted hot tub. These services enable you to work on a variety of goals, including range of motion exercises, physical therapy, sensory experiences and recreation.

Our Team

At Change, we understand it’s the dedication of our team that sets us apart. Our number one priority is to do whatever it takes to help the individuals we serve choose what a meaningful day is to them. Our team is selfless in their approach, focusing not only on what is important FOR the individual but also what is important TO them. Our team is patient, understanding, and compassionate and they work tirelessly every day to be sure all the individuals they serve are treated with dignity and respect.

Change Array of Services