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Change, Inc., a division of Penn-Mar Human Services
supports people with disabilities on their own unique journey to achieve their personal best.

Day Services

There are a variety of options to receive weekly day supports through the Westminster location. Day supports focus on discovery of interests, skills and conditions for success, skill building activities and making community connections. Day services are available Monday through Friday typically between the hours of 9am -3pm.

Day service options are chosen through the Person Centered Planning process with the person’s Coordinator of Community Services (CCS), their Westminster Quality Coordinator and additional team members. Each person will work with their team to create an individualized schedule focused on activities that will help them live their best life, increase their levels of independence and make meaningful connection in their community. Day services include opportunities to connect with competitive integrated employment, volunteer work, recreation, travel training, advocacy skill building and much more, all while helping people to safely navigate new environments and experiences.

As a provider of Day services, Westminster will work with you and your family/caregivers to organize available transportation options. Transportation planning will include utilizing local community meeting points, Carroll Transit Services (CTS), Penn-Mar vehicles and natural supports.

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