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CHANGE, Inc. partners with and supports individuals with disabilities
to achieve community integration
and independence through personal choices.

Family & Caregiver Meeting - October 25, 2016
Click below to download documents from the meeting.

Power Point Presentation

Exploratory Questions - Non-Residential


CMS Final Rule - Our Promise to Our Families

We promise to honor our mission, vision, and core values at all times. The individuals in our programs and their loved ones will always come first.  We will update and communicate all information as it becomes available that pertains to the CMS Final Rule and its subsequent changes from DDA.

We will also communicate any changes we make as an agency to follow the proposed mandates being delivered.  All CHANGE efforts will focus on creating a more flexible, integrated, person-centered, choice driven, family oriented system of supports for the individuals we serve. 

Statewide Transition Plan

Click here to view the Statewide Transition Plan for Compliance with Home and Community-Based Setting Rules 


Family & Caregiver Meeting - July 14, 2016

Click here to download a copy of the PowerPoint presentation presented by Rhonda Workman and Patricia Sastoque.

Click here to download a copy of the minutes from the meeting.  We appreciate the feedback that was shared by the families who attended.  


Community Pathways Waiver Amendment

Below is a link to the Community Pathways Waiver Amendment page on the DDA website.  Particular attention can be paid to the proposed Employment and Day Services as well as the proposed Support Services links.

Process and Next Steps
Below are the Process and Next Steps as outlined by DDA.  We will monitor all steps (which will take place in the next few months) in an effort to communicate information and engage families in discussions, gathering of feedback and proper representation when necessary.  
  • DDA Proposed Draft Waiver Services Webinars– August 2016
  • State review of comments and consideration for revisions– September 2016
  • Announcement of final waiver service proposals
  • 30 Public comment period
  • Waiver Amendment Submission to CMS
  • Respond to CMS Questions
  • Projected CMS Approval
  • Projected effective Date

Additional Resources

An Article We Think You Will Enjoy

We believe the benefits of employing individuals with a disability are numerous. As we embark on our journey of transformation and ultimately employment for the individuals we support, we found the linked article very timely. We hope you enjoy it too!

Click here to read the article. 

Click here to view the video.