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CHANGE, Inc. partners with and supports individuals with disabilities
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MD Dept. of Health Announces DDA's Family Supports Waiver--Public Comment Period

As you know from past news posts, the Developmental Disabilities Administration has designed a new Family Supports Waiver program. The program will provide individual and family supports for children birth to 21 with developmental disabilities who are on the DDA Waiting List. The new program is designed to provide services and supports to children with developmental disabilities and their families in the home and/or community after school, nights, weekends, and during summer months. The program was developed based on input from individuals on the DDA Waiting List and their families, the Family Supports Waiver Steering Committee, the Developmental Disabilities Coalition survey and recommendations, independent consultants' national research, and public regional input forums.  


The Family Supports Waiver federal application is now posted on the Developmental Disabilities Administration's website for public review.  


Click here for the application.

Copies of the Family Support Waiver application are also available at the DDA Headquarters and Regional Offices. 

Public comments can be submitted [email protected] through July 31, 2017.   

For more information, visit the Developmental Disabilities Administration's website.


Change is a non-profit charitable organization that has provided excellent person-centered programs and services to individuals with disabilities for over 50 years.


Change, Inc. was founded in 1954 as a Children's Program by a group of parents who realized a program was needed to care for the needs of  their children with developmental disabilities. 

Carroll Haven Center was incorporated in 1969 and increased their services to include adults as well as children.  

In 1992 Change adopted its new name (Carroll Haven Achieving New Growth Experiences). What first started as a small program to address only a few children in Carroll County has now grown to servicing nearly 200 individuals in five counties.  Change partners with families, caregivers, and advocates to provide excellent opportunities to all those we serve. We embrace evidence based, customized approaches to continuously improve person-centered outcomes.

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